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Park Hall Floor Plan

Park Hall Floor Plan

Accessibility Information – Park Hall

The house and grounds of Park Hall are in the bottom of a valley, having been built in 1912, the house is traditional in design. We have tried to describe the layout to you below, please use the description in conjunction with the floor plans to make sure that we meet your requirements.

Access to Park Hall is via a bridge over a stream, the grounds are of varied terrain and are steep in places. The house is approached by a 200-yard single track drive and has a hard-surfaced parking area. Beyond our boundary fence, along one side, there is a stream, care needs to be taken with all non-swimmers. There is a steep slope down to the lower lawn, the drive and the surrounding grounds.

At the top of the drive, you enter the car park with the house to the right-hand side. The owner’s barn is situated straight ahead.

Park Hall

Park Hall has been graded Four Star by Visit Wales. Dogs are allowed. Registered Assistance dogs are not charged for.

Access to the house via the main entrance door is via three wide steps. Upon entering through the main door, you are faced with the main staircase to the upper two floors. To your left is the games room and to your right is the living room which leads through to the conservatory/dining room. The kitchen and downstairs cloakroom are located straight ahead. Beyond the kitchen you have a laundry room and a pantry. The pantry and laundry room each have one external door, the pantry has one step down to a gravelled area and the laundry room two steps down to the carpark. From the conservatory/dining room you can access the upper grassed area of lawn and garden via three wide steps. The ground floor is all on one level with the exception of the pantry which is on two levels separated by a single step.

From the main entrance you can access the eight bedrooms via the staircase. Bedrooms are located on the first and second floors and are accessed by two flights of stairs to the first floor and a further two flights to the second floor. The first floor has five bedrooms, all en-suite, two baths and three showers. The second floor has three bedrooms, two are en-suite, one has a bath and the other has a shower, the small bunk bed room has no private facilities.

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